Embark on a journey of blacksmithing mastery in Forge Industry! Take on the role of a talented blacksmith and build your settlement from the ground up, creating weapons, armor, and more along the way. Master the mechanics of transporting goods, smelting metals, and crafting weapons as you progress. Unleash your potential by researching exotic materials, restoring your harbor, and participating in events outside of your settlement. Balance efficiency and strategy as you constantly optimize your settlement layout, worker assignments, and production processes, all while pursuing your ultimate goal of crafting the perfect ring to ask the love of your life to be your wife. With every playthrough, you'll experience a new and unique journey. Choose from different world events, environments, randomly generated terrain, and various difficulties to create endless replayability. And with the ability to constantly analyze and optimize your workflow, you'll have the knowledge and skills to reach your end goal with each new game. Get ready to forge your path to success in Forge Industry!


Forge Industry, the ultimate blacksmithing simulation, officially began its journey in January 2022. The development accelerated rapidly in July of the same year, leading to a breakthrough showcase at Gameforce, Belgium's largest gaming convention on October 1st and 2nd. Immerse yourself in the world of blacksmithing and get ready for a full release in Q2 2023!


  • "Unleash your inner blacksmith with Forge Industry's cutting-edge crafting and research systems. Discover new weapons, materials, and processes as you unlock the full potential of your settlement and bring your blacksmithing dreams to life!
  • Maximize your blacksmithing empire's efficiency with Forge Industry's extensive automation features! Streamline your processes, optimize your workflow, and take your blacksmithing to new heights with the power of automation!
  • Immerse yourself in a dynamic world with exciting events where you can pick sides, shape the markets, and uncover special items.
  • Experience endless replayability with various dynamic world events, unique environments, and randomly generated terrains.
  • Discover the art of blacksmithing, historical and foreign weapons, and the processes of making them in Forge Industry.
  • Designed with a modding philosophy to make community extensions a breeze, unleash your imagination and bring your wildest ideas to life with mod support.


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Forge Industry Credits

Thomas Evers
CEO, Programming lead
Marnix Wyns
Creative Director, 3D modeling
Jamie Berghmans
Programming, Infrastructure
William van Bouwel
Programming, Creative Design