BiteMe Games is a small indie game studio comprised of IT professionals with a passion for programming, writing, art, and gaming. They came together at university and their shared interests led them to form a company that develops video games and educational content about indie game development. They share their knowledge through YouTube videos, a blog, and other platforms and also offer consulting services for professional application development. Their goal is to support and inspire indie game developers globally.


The BiteMe Games team first met four years ago at the Karel de Grote University College in Antwerp, Belgium, where they all studied computer science. During their education, they grouped up to work on multiple school projects, and quickly grew accustomed to efficiently working together.

After they all graduated, they kept in touch, often playing games together in the evenings. Everyone missed the camaraderie from working together on school projects, and wanted something fun to work on together, as they already wrote enough business applications in their corporate jobs. Thus, from there came the idea of creating a game and the subsequent gamedev studio surrounding it. Thomas had extensive Unity and gamedev experience before, having worked in it since 2013 already. William had a few years of gamedev experience as well, but with different technologies. The rest of the team had little to no experience with engines, 3D modeling, or any of the gamedev specific requirements, but everyone had a solid programming background and a taste for gaming, so how hard could it be, right?

Originally BiteMe Games had started to work on their dream game, an open world 3rd person single player RPG. However, the lack of engine experience quickly proved this was too much work for a team with too little experience. During the 2022 new year's celebration, they brainstormed and came up with a new idea for a gamejam, a weekend long coding session. They always loved the concept of automation games, and since these games have a more rigid ruleset, they figured implementing this would be “easier” as everyone was already used to writing business logic, and thus there would be more space to focus on gamedev focused aspects. After the weekend of the gamejam had passed, they knew they had more on their hands than just a small project, and decided to dedicate a longer period of time to this project.

Thus, the team set off on their development journey, working on their new game, Forge Industry. They didn't work on this game in the shadows though, instead sharing their progress, struggles and wins with the world by producing content regarding their journey and things they learned on their YouTube channel. They shared their research regarding various gamedev topics such as Game Design Documents and gamedev CI/CD with the world, receiving a respectable number of views on their content in return.

Now BiteMe Games has turned the dial to 11, throwing themselves out in the world by presenting their game on Gameforce, Belgium's largest gaming conference.



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Team & Repeating Collaborator

Thomas Evers
CEO, Programming lead
Marnix Wyns
Creative Director
Jamie Berghmans
Programming, Infrastructure
William van Bouwel
Programming, Creative Design